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Fun and curiosity aside, the ability to control our dreams may have several potential useful applications. It's easy to confuse the two. Meditation is not a religion. Now, about interpretation: the material of the dream is still a response to things happening in your life- and the elements of the dream may be symbols for feelings, people, situations in your life which are uncomfortable for you to deal with consciously. For example, if you're dreaming about sailing across a blue ocean, the water may being to sparkle, the sunlight may get in your eyes, or a glittery mermaid may pop up from the aquatic depths. Allowed to be presented in full, with all genuine questions replied to, and.

Iband+ sleep meditation feature with brainwave entrainment audio-visual techniques is also an excellent way of preparing yourself for. Lucid dreaming mastery review to assist you giving you buying decision. Miracle mastery is such an enjoyable experience that i am sure you will close this book craving for more, which is why these three books are a perfect bonus gift to get with miracle mastery. Is not utterly pure of intention. There are different techniques to consciously induce lucid dreaming, but what works is really up to the individual. We can although control time in a certain way.

Since dreams are often veiled in symbolism, it's important to record your dreams and. With all senses eliminated including the effects gravity on the nervous system, complete muscle relaxation is achieved. Ultimately i want students to come up with their own applications, based on their own lives and desires, because the benefits are so far-reaching. Facts about lucid dreaming in the following article. Even if you sleep flat on your face, you can’t feel that it’s there. Bring that mastery to our three dimensional lives. You happened to read about lucid dreaming mastery enrollment – lucid academy which you feel would be an ideal choice. That's what we were sent here to be.

There is a ton of detail in each of the lessons. The four square house of god. Awakening has independently occurred to several other lucid. I’m happy to see others feel the same about dreaming and putting it out there. The chanted hook and big drums of "nothing but a heartbeat" suggest top 40 hopes, but that ground’s been trod often and better. And hollywood has just produced its own spin on lucid dreaming and the idea of controlling dreams, with the release earlier this month of “inception,” a thriller whose plot swirls through the darkest layers of the dream world. The roots, bark, leaves and flowers.

After you have the persuasion topic in mind think of all the mistakes that could happen "if" you were trying to persuade someone to do that topic. Men with pd had more aggressive dreams compared to females with pd. Regarded as a state in which the two qualities occur simultaneously. To cover her rosy behind. ” repeated practice increases the likelihood of success. Of course, we have recommendations - we would love to save you time on digging through all the dirt out there and give you the names of the most valuable sources of knowledge. By the governments, generally, yes. Section and particularly this chapter will be eye-opening for the.

This is just since the daydreamer can simply take command of and route his dream and cast off any form of undesirable parts. For the very first time, i actually had a dream so intensely wonderful that it woke me up completely filled with joy. The single biggest pioneer in the study of dream lucidity is stephen laberge. But when lucid, the conscious brain wakes up during sleep. Everything is easier with practice.

The hardware itself is nifty. Lucid dreaming techniques may affect sleep quality. All the microelectronics of dreaming machine is fitted on a small board pad as if they look like an ordinary soft sleep mask. I let myself feel uneasy, as though i’m being watched. Over the course of several days, these marks will help you find where your rem episodes are.

  the most effective time to use it is first thing in the morning when you are barely awake. Christian bouchet's authoritative and interdisciplinary french state thesis on the lucid dream. Things seem better, but then the dream begins to happen again, and i realize i am still asleep. Moments are by no means pleasant. Even if you do realize you’re dreaming it doesn’t always follow that you can just decide to wake up; sometimes it can take a little effort. You’ll discover the keys for initiating lucidity — strong motivation, good dream recall, and the power of intention.

The basic idea is that you would enable it when you head to sleep, and some hours later it will play some chimes to semi-wake you and then a voice recording to remind you to try to be aware that you are dreaming. The more vivid my dreams the more chance i have of becoming lucid. Conceive, not by laws of physics or society, then the answer to what lucid. "my problem is that my memory has malfunctioned,. This new life foundation is necessary in order to focus the divine wholeness of god consciousness in the newly given dispensation of the anchored ascension timeline.

I was recently at a. I am a painter and sculptor and sometimes dream that i am doing that work. Of the following: respect, courtesy, intelligence, decency, or that it was. While most people feel they have experienced very vivid dreams, few are prepared to harness the dream and attempt to control its direction when it occurs. We are a walking mirror. The film crumbles mainly because of its wholly predictable and loose plot. Curiosity got the better of me, and i bought it, in every sense of the word.

We have to learn to look at our beauty, and see the opinions as lies. That does not contain evil cannot adequately read about. Lucid dreaming is the art of being conscious within the dream state- in other words- dreaming and being aware that you’re dreaming and then learning to control your dreams or direct them to where you would like to go. Lucid was first coined in 1913 by dutch psychiatrist frederik van eeden to describe dreams in which the dreamer is aware he is dreaming. Experience, how many of the alleged vampyric powers—such as invisibility,. Color spectrum, it is likely that all human cultures see the full spectrum,. Preparation: valerian is most commonly brewed in a tea, but be careful to use water that is hot, but not boiling, in order to preserve the delicate oils in the root. Since the acknowledgement of lucid dreaming as something as real as an atom bomb (an ability that laberge believes everyone can learn) there has been an overwhelming amount of research and personal experimentation in this field.

I really don't see what dmt can do that lucid dreaming mastery can't. Afterwards, the group will gather to perform the dreaming ceremony. Explained this: are these bloodlines the wealthy, as most assume, or seemingly. If you are artistically inclined, you might want to draw a picture about this symbol. Deliver your message in a way. ​ ​as your​ ​dreaming​ ​practices​ ​develop,​ ​you’ll​ ​find​ ​yourself​ ​opening​ ​to​ ​greater and​ ​greater​ ​unseen​ ​forces​ ​of​ ​love​ ​from​ ​the​ ​universe​ ​-​ ​and​ ​learn​ ​how​ ​to sustain​ ​those​ ​connections​ ​with​ ​your​ ​guides​ ​for​ ​life. Have your first lucid dream.

What life and hopefully marriage will be like. Bourke said that while it "seems possible" to induce lucid dreaming with electrodes, he would like to see it replicated in more experiments, simply because it "seems so unlikely" that an untargeted current could have such dramatic results. And that they were so contented with their way of life, that they would always. Monk’s latest novel has just been rejected for the seventeenth time. Theconscious repetitiveness of the question will eventually be submerged into thesubconscious dream state.

Well, i tried it, and holy crap it actually worked. Tap into your creative genius through lucid focus. My lucid dreaming is vivid and clear. Happened in lucid dreams will show you a direction that you might wish. This is the most direct method for entering into a waking-induced-lucid-dream (wild). I closed the app, shut my eyes, and fell back asleep. Remembering the dream at all. Tholey says this about it, referring to his own research findings:. "a lucid dreaming mask that does not measure your sleep may just turn out to be an alarm clock strapped to your head," writes ryan hurd, a dream researcher who blogs at dreamstudies. Increase sleep onset latency, reduce slow-wave sleep, and a rem rebound can be observed.

The work is about working with what we are given. The practice required for effective lucid dreaming lies in our increased awareness of the world around us. Simply a sense that “this is a dream,” without taking action on that. This is a lovely course on lucid dreaming. A sleep mask with cueing and detection apparatus, a separate cpu (book-sized).

Meditation for dreams will help you boost your lucid powers and simply feel better. But mostly, lucidity is triggered by an incongruity which would not occur in physical life, such as flying, or being unable to turn off a light switch, or words rearranging themselves, or anything that 'cannot' happen in the physical world. No sounds of little kids. The fact that people can have lucid dreams isn't under dispute. Dreamer, you and only you are in control. Lucid dreaming provides the opportunity for unique and compelling adventures rarely surpassed elsewhere in life. Messenger that counts, so thank you. Thanks again for bringing this up. The interesting fact is that lucid dreaming mastery has not at all affected the quality of lucid dreaming mastery.

Not become 'evangelical' with your message, but rather, be the enigmatic and. Q: has there been any documented research conducted by reputable sleep study groups concerning lucidity and dream control.   from there the rest is simple if you have trained your brain using the above steps. After an awakening to be prone to having wilds, and therefore. ” a lucid dreamer will start by descending into a delta-wave state (i. I know from experience that when i have such a dream i can change the outcome of the dream or end it if i do not like it. Here, “myth” must be understood in the original greek sense of “sacred truth,” as opposed to the modern meaning of “pure fiction. , i was presenting a neuroscientific perspective on why even that line of consideration––although it’s extremely compelling from a first-person experiential perspective–-does not necessarily imply that there really is a consciousness able to persist in the absence of the brain or the body.

Lucid Dreaming Mastery Review

Not happen, then you are not worthy of being a master and you will never be until you put those fears aside. “mastery” dreams show an evolution over.   it is new growth and new life. The brain is biological machine it wares out with use and time. ” in a triumphant and challenging tone ie they were totally and utterly kilbeys.

This lucid device sets a dream alarm to wake anyone five minutes after each dream so that one can make short notes and write them all finally in the morning. He was charged with double. We've tried most of them. No authoritative thesis on lucid dreaming. One night she had a lucid dream, and remembered that she wanted to try doing a dream healing. We struggle to keep the state of lucidity. Regular exercise allows you to sleep deeper and dream better. The cd which is supposed to trigger conscious awareness while asleep doesn't do that for one simple reason - the damned thing keep one awake. It should be treated with care and respect, especially when we dream lucidly. “the lucid dreaming experience has been validated repeatedly.

Dreams occur at set time intervals throughout the night, so you can theoretically predict when they are happening, or you can at least caluclate these intervals yourself. To change elements of your dream in order to help you defeat. Result in the initiation of lucidity. While she used to dream lucidly and claims that flying is “the most natural thing” for her in the dreamtime, lately she’s had a recurring dream in which “a heavier force than gravity” is relentlessly pulling her down. Self-knowledge through spiritual awakening helps us become masters of.

Reported in lucid dreams, powerful insights, peak consciousness, and. In dreams and obes are as real as this one, and yet hold. It is more difficult if the first rem state hasn't been reached yet. You can travel to the most distant galaxy. If you’re going to do web development, if you’re going to specialize there i would not encourage you to know every single nook and cranny of css. Is by no means unusual in that projectors sometimes report an. It is important to record the dreams as quickly as possible as there is a strong tendency to forget what one has dreamt. Print out the checklist, and keep several copies with your dream journal so that you can easily find them when you need them. ‘lucid dreaming mastery’ whiteboard course complete review. Is a state of knowing that encompasses all aspects of your life.

In the morning when you wake up, and attempt to solve the same mental challenge – and suddenly it seems easier. Symbols are: a deceased person; a recurring dilemma, such as being. Their most recent single, “nothing but a heartbeat” is where this album truly takes a swing in a whirlwind of pop brilliance. And deepen the lucid dream state. It is found in regions of ecuador, colombia, peru, brazil and bolivia. Have you ever wondered what dreams are or why do we have them. Itself through all nations, and has oppressed the intellectual energy of. Click here to learn more about lucid dreaming mastery and read lots of peoples testimonials (click the link and scroll right down the page to read reviews form people).

Main problem with people’s nightmares is that. Close your eyes and pay attention to the darkness behind your closed eyelids. Second, their improved capability improves the organization’s kaizen through enhanced efficiency. Les arts des marrons (available from fnac. The vastness of the potential of these states lies wholly within our minds.

So just stick with me for just a few minutes more:. He’s a very gaunt-looking, shadowy clone,” he said. The sense of overwhelming feeling of joy and bliss when you achieve lucidity is an experience one individual has to discover on there own. People who have lucid dreams may generally be more insightful than other people, a new study suggests. Some advise that the dreamlike sensation the plant induces whilst waking continues into sleep itself – where dreams seem more colorful and lifelike. In my course i explain the “rules” of lucid sex and how to get what you want and prevent the moment going off course.

I love that there’s a key involved to ‘unlock’. Calls into question the oft-cited propagandistic nature of message. They can practice using their new coping strategies or other recovery skills. For those interested purely in the album’s musical merits, this can be a very hard sell, given the general melodic redundancy of almost all of these songs (“morva’s marshes” and “summer’s end” are exceptions). There are plenty of affiliates making a killing with items such as power drills, tool sets, sanders and other "tools of the trade.

You somehow build a tolerance for the method. Lucid dreaming is a state of higher consciousness that can be accessed during rem by becoming aware that you are dreaming. Let’s be clear, the earth is in a breaking down process right now in the 3d. One woman experienced her first lucid dream as "a blissful sensation of blending and melting with colors and light" that grew in intensity, "opening up into a total orgasm. Are you going to start performing miracles after reading this book. Monig to ankeny proved to be more difficult that i first expected.

(which it is, and it has), then does the infinite creator not reside within all. White graphics against the watery pastel washes evoke a.   the pause at the bottom of each breath is the objective witnessing of both internal and external drama as well as of the cycle itself. Suddenly it hit me that i was dreaming, and instantly everything in the hazy dream world came into focus. If you can, on demand, control a dream on any given night – then you are ready for the next phase of your astral projection training. A selection of asd hotlinks . Which confirms that lucid dreaming can actually be used to practice certain skills such as sports, martial arts, dancing, etc.

When you order miracle mastery, you get free other 3 books about lucid dreaming, practical teleportation and yoga sutras respectively. O’connor will vouch for this. Since all of these are high-risk endeavors in the waking world, taking control of your dreams to practice these skills in a zero-risk environment will help both with confidence and committment, as well as learning new movements. Fly and soar over cities like iron man. Now take a look at the. Usually when we dream, we just go along for the ride and it is only when we wake up that we realize our dreams weren't real. “the patient was lying in bed and awakened from sleep, and the first thing she remembered was “the feeling of being at the ceiling of the room. New technologies, especially audio technology have made it possible for anyone to experience lucid dreaming.

Infinite creator, we are all one. Sleep apnea, brain injuries can cause nightmares. This single hit some waves among the blogs of the world because of it’s noticeable difference from the rest of the. I do this every time i take a new supplement just to see how my body initially reacts the first day. This i confirmed for dream recall but not for recall of waking. The reason you can stay conscious for so long in a lucid dream is because the realization is more of a relaxed, "ok, i'm in a dream, cool" consciousness without the big dramatic shift that happens when you come out of a nightmare, martinez says. When you realise it’s a dream. I had this sleep paralysis state and i was looking up at the poster and bob marley was shaking his head side to side so fast it looked like a blur.

Severe posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd) in their waking life. You humans have no conception of what conscious dreaming is, and any such marketing effort will only result in fewer sales. [41] the test subjects were administered gestalt group therapy and 24 of them were also taught to enter the state of lucid dreaming by holzinger. Do not buy until you reading my shocking and honest review about lucid dreaming mastery enrollment – lucid academy pdf reviews scam. Dream and vice versa without a break in consciousness. Afraid of heights, why not jump out of an airplane.

In the waking state, the breath or heartbeat can be controlled, but it is difficult to control all of the autonomic functions at once. Even the design (above) bears an uncanny resemblance to an earlier aurora mock-up. I’ve only flown once in a dream – or at least a dream i so vividly remember – and i was nine or ten years old. Calea is often combined with other relaxing, dream-enhancing herbs. Highly dangerous to every aspect of the socially engineered matrix. Dominick: we offer a dream awakening workshop with dr. Conscious identity, but rarely does it dawn upon the dreamer that. The freedom to choose the. The law of attraction states that the universe does not and will not know a difference between what you actually experience and what you imagine in your mind.

The dream scene has vanished, leaving nowhere to move to, is to create angular. Lucid dreaming is one of the most amazing experiences a person can have. Focus not on the strangeness of the results themselves, but the strangeness of the fact that the two results don't match. To that extent van eeden's phrase may still be considered appropriate. Consider the statement used in tibetan dream yoga: "all. This causes a rem rebound effect, so that your later rem stages will be longer and with increased dream bizarreness. The seminal chinese philosopher chuang tzu dreamed he was a butterfly. It’s an easy to use technique with many small variations, based on the same concept. Dream scene, like a light flashing in one's face, or they can briefly interrupt. Make a fake check out to yourself for the first $10,000.

You and your creator, are. Lucid dreamers generally recommend that calea be taken within an hour of going to bed.      the following two dreams illustrate this type of lucid dream:. The ability to summon and engage with people in dreams has important implications for grieving as well. Eliminate the unwanted images from the dream. Waggoner discovered that while he was aware in the dream state, he had the platform and the psychological tool he needed to understand dreaming. The family is structured, how much each level knows in relation to the top,. You can take control of your dream and warp the matrix like neo. While maintaining this balance the amygdala and parahippocampal cortex might be less intensely activated. For example you could turn the lights off whilst asleep via the headband.

Each time that the mind passes through this dimension of dreaming, we have an opportunity to become aware that the mind is dreaming. This finding mirrors the increase in frontal theta activity during successful encoding of episodic memories in wakefulness. This point about embodiment also applies to dreaming. Improves memory and dream recall. John’s wort and ginkgo biloba, but includes some of the newer nootropic supplements like vinpocetine, bacopa monnieri, and huperzine-a as well.

Lucid Dreaming Mastery

The lucidity institute’s mission is to advance research on the nature and potentials of consciousness and to apply the results of this research to the enhancement of human health and well-being. In the same way, when we dream of events from the day. But just because the lights flash red in the waking world, it does not mean you'll see red lights in your dream. Are over 20 dream-honoring societies in the amazon. Org, a web portal for dreams and consciousness studies. Information about the dream awakening workshop may be found at.

Recognizing your true self in dreams. Author: isaac asimov was born in 1920 in petrovichi, russia. Based on anecdotal accounts from various website forums, many people who have experienced difficulties with the other techniques, for whatever reason, are using lds as an aid in overcoming their obstacles. During these dreams, the dreamer rarely succeeded in fleeing the threat despite important and appropriate efforts. We can discuss these possibilities in the future when the time is right.

Enthusiasm, he returns to pioneer-mentor calvin hall's early. He taught himself to have several lucid dreams per night. Meanwhile, my lower body is still dangling in the clouds from the world below. The next time i turn on a light. Readings in person, by phone, and via ether toll-free phone line. The spiritual and mental ideals.

I mean there’s a guarantee anyway, so i thought if it doesn’t work for me then i’d return it. Stephen laberge, founder of the lucidity institute and one of the foremost authorities on dreaming, figured out how to capture lucid dreaming in the laboratory through brainwave hypology. Conscious dreaming is an exceptionally powerful way to. Your unconscious will lose all respect it has for you, and your dreams will start lying to you indiscriminately. Said that she was left with “ 'a feeling of bubbling. Learning to remember and to “mine” our dreams is a very useful process.

Some years ago i had the good fortune to discover a highly effective. Once in a state of sleep paralysis, avoid feeling trapped or frightened.   we will update as things move along. With continuing practice, we see less and less difference between the waking and the dream state. We do not look from a 3rd density perspective. It monitors sleep and when it detects rem sleep gives a cue -- a flashing light -- that enters the dream to remind the dreamer to become lucid.

And it gets even dreamier when you realize that the other dream figures want to talk to you and show you, well… they show you what you’re ready to see. We are dreaming, and we know that we are dreaming. Seriously, just think about it – a lot. This is the source of all. During lucid dreams, it is possible, with practice, to consciously control dream characters and environments, and to perform otherwise physically impossible feats. On reddit's /r/luciddreaming thread, getting some dream action is a common goal. Considered unbelievable by many and metaphysical by others, let's. Also, anything that would normally be drawn from the caster's level should instead use the caster's ranks in lucid dreaming as a base value. The pronoun "our" conveys the concept of the.

Drift back to sleep when awakened from a dream. Is lucid dreaming mastery scam or legit:. Comfort and compactness: all the devices used with a lucid dreaming machine are covered with soft, flexible sleep mask. Your day-mind awaken fully to delete the whole thing. Some of us in this family may have been consciously aware that in the last weeks the schematic was projected directly into the planetary field through our own brain and bodies. “bardo” is a tibetan word that means “gap or transitional state,” and in this case it refers to the gap between lives. Stage iv is defined as "re-reflection, reaching out, and wonder.

This is how neural plasticity works; even at the level of intention, we’re changing how our brains are wired. Moving my mouth produces additional artifacts. The 5-htp prolongs the sleep cycle, causing an "rem-rebound effect" in which the dream-sleep phase extends through to the second half of the night. Negative, then you have to repeat 3rd density and try again for a 95% negative. For many years those of us directly working for the ascension timeline have undergone persecution, misunderstanding, constant psychic attack, isolation, betrayal and. Like the aurora, the iband+ has wireless bluetooth incorporated giving you the ability to sync and communicate with your smartphone via the app. ​ ​as your​ ​dream​ ​world​ ​increases​ ​in​ ​clarity​ ​and​ ​depth,​ ​you’ll​ ​experience​ ​the same​ ​effect​ ​on​ ​your​ ​waking​ ​world.

Since dreams can slip away so quickly, have a recorder or. In this transitional state, you can shape your dream with the power of your mind. This “evidence” might lead us to believe that the percipients. A wild is most likely when one awakens during the night and then goes back to sleep. In truth, he is closer than most.

Thank you so much for your patience with our growth process. Carlos castaneda calls it dreaming with a capital d. How to use lucid dreams to heal your body of any ailments, sickness, or diseases. ” whenever you look into a mirror, climb some stairs, or shut a door. The instructions are simplified to ensure that lucid dreaming mastery does not create any difficulty even if you are not an expert in the field. Within a few weeks, i'd written down a dozen dreams—more than enough to finally hold my own at breakfast-table interpretation sessions.

I want everyone to experience lucid dreaming. The gadget that reaches inside your dreams. But arguably it lacks key features that other lucid dreaming masks support. Seamless integration of wood, plexi and metal shapeis the new timeless design of impact. For example, one can condition oneself to continually look for differences between dreaming and real-life, so that when something strange happens, you realise that you are in the middle of a dream. Scientists understand the benefits of lucid dreaming; some have used.

It is incorrect to say that forums have not been linked and still aren't at wikipedia, specifically when the content is so completely relative. It is made clear in the introduction to. In both cases – 5 steps to lucid dreaming is just the right choice for you. An illustration of the methodology is provided. The messages embedded in our dreams are. It's common for some people to experience sleep paralysis on their journey to frequent lucid dreams. Are you still searching for the answers if lucid dreaming mastery enrollment – lucid academy really works or not. Lucid dreaming book reviews and recommendations.

     a common example of what provokes the initial. Most of the wearables we’ve looked at here have been to do with helping you stay more connected, get fitter or keep track of your kids that bit better. And, we feel that it is the increasing demand for lucid dreaming mastery that made its designers to update it adding more advantageous features to it. Certain evolutionary level is required to be a functioning part of a positive. Nick’s regular correspondence with his spirit ally has enabled him to access vital information of how to optimally navigate the dream landscape. Unconscious while you dream, which obviously. Combined with its powerful app, this sleeping mask allows users to modify their sleep patterns with patented light therapy. Most enter the dream state almost immediately and only have small pauses between dreams. The "lucid" part refers to the clarity ofconsciousness rather than the vividness of the dream. “ but why are people interested in learning.

What do i know about meditating. I can be miserable -- even starting right now. Its made in china, but so are ipads and iphones. Proven guidance to overcome common obstacles, enhance dream recall, focus and amplify awareness while dreaming, work with nightmares safely, resolve emotional blockages, and glean wisdom from your dreams. The lucid 2 is powered by a 1. Use it wisely, to see that which you are not. I thought he was so ridiculous for spending time on something that wasn't real. I appreciate how honestly you described your experience. When remee woke me up on my first night, i was displeased but not discouraged.

The answer, the strength, the right action, or the resource will be there when you need it, not before, not after. Lucid dreaming secrets consumer rankings are 9. Have lucid dreams — dreams in which you know that you are dreaming. Not only that, but he has a real passion for the subject that comes through in his presentation. Scenes" to prepare for the great harvest. All life is one big hallucination. This article is about the psychological phenomenon. "if you speak to god - it is called praying. In their view, dreams belongs exclusively to the subconscious mind and should not be meddled with.

Lucid dreaming research and training and offers opportunities for participation. No tolerance with galantamine, huperzine-a, nicotine etc. Component of sleep paralysis (see the "question and answer" in. Form — the dreamer, another character, or an object changes shape, is oddly formed, or transforms. By the way, this book is not serious. A government born forward of a patient as dove, carpet, fan, before rope.

The course is structured around that, so that if you just follow the daily instructions, you’ll lucid dream. Miracle mastery claims that all physical psychic powers fall into one of three distinct classes and that once you understand the basics of how a given class works, there is a straight-forward, clear progression to unlocking each of those related abilities. But i won't fall for it. You will also get personalized tips and recommendations based on your own sleep history, allowing you to sleep better. The blue pill (taken just before going to bed). Lucidipedia is exactly the opposite and may be considered a high quality source of information and education and may very well be what people reading this article want to be looking for next. Dreams are stored in your short-term memory and they fade quickly when you wake up. This is why several attempts should be made to test the mechanics of the dream environment while awake, as stated in the above narration of. Demodulation of the forebrain as well as the activation of different parts of the brain during non-rem dreaming is supported by recent pet scan studies. In either scenario, conscious navigation of dream states and visionary states is a subtle art that balances your capacity to maintain a wide open consciousness, with a dash of intention.

This can potentially play music while you sleep to truly see how brain perceives audio from within a lucid dream. Performance in the waking world.

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