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However, the combination of revelation staking & little acorns strikes me as fundamentally flawed. It can approach the $40,000 mark, fully loaded, which is too close for comfort to the related lincoln mkc. The best way i can describe irad ortiz, jr. This rather bothers me given that it is core to strike rate racing. Now this should set alarm bells ringing. Trc global rankings is doing is answering the question: “how is a stallion doing in terms of his win rate at this stage of his career.

So how do you reduce ground contact. You may have a question about the track at leopardstown or may want to share some views . Racing experts constantly “bang on” about the key word “value”. Racing australia has managed to achieve a rare feat by getting the jockeys, trainers and owners all singing from the same songsheet about its perceived lack of consultation.   super m contains no bright-stock, and instead. For example a simple system may select dobbin as a selection irrespective. If a tipster has a high strike rate racing , it means they can grow a bank more quickly than one with a low strike rate, even if they both have the same return on investment.  another huge positive is the ‘info’ he provides, where i have earned a lot of money from. It has been a strength of wallers method that horses step up with each preparation and his four-year-old group this year is another testament to his ability.

Next we cross off any races that do not meet our criteria below. No one can possibly hope to cover every possible profitable trend for every trainer. The online bookmaker offers many useful features and statistics like tips and trends with hot jockeys and trainers and cold jockeys and trainers as well as the a steamers section.    some similarities to channon with the decline of the 2yo returns for bryan meehan with both having been hannon assistants early in their careers. As i demanded quite a lot from my own racing and the tools i use to get the job done, i figure it’s only fair that by combining the software and racing knowledge this allows us to be at the forefront of racing. It uses anti-lock braking to clamp an inside front wheel to tighten corners when slip is detected. The dual group one-winning south african import will make his hong kong debut on sunday in the class one chevalier cup (1,600m) but millard admits he would be happy just to see his horse “run on well” after a shortened preparation. The secret lies in being able to identify which favourites are. Once you’ve done that you will have your shortlist of runners, in this example sizzler, paddys motorbike and cai shen, and you can move on to…. But, even given that background you can find fault with stevens overall efforts in 2014.

These women were also regulars at metropolitan meetings but often shunned for the big spring carnival days. Extortionist winning a 5f group 3 and a handicap. From what i have seen, i want to say that there is some potential to strike rate racing. Theres a few things you can work at like shortening stride length. A running shoe drop, or heel-to-toe offset, is the difference, measured in millimiters (mm) between the height of the shoe sole in the heel area vs the height of the sole in the toe area. Lets assume the target is $100 per horse per race for the day. , equine & human, before the training nous and quality even get tested.

However we also have a seperate irish version of olbg so please head there to see todays irish horse strike rate racing  . Why not allow you our members or even potential new members the chance to take the racing tool we use on a daily basis with you where ever we go. But they were in the irish oaks and a grade 1 in canada. For example, using the race above, with a betting exchange, if the favourite had won, for. How to read the form. Firstly, trainer strike rates and percentages need to be put into context. Api is the field average prizemoney for the last 12 months. The mood does not look good for the team and they perhaps knew they did not have much better than capitulate and that the season was a write off.

R4 = 1 - obviously, we should be looking at the horse which is be highest rated horse in the current race. Once youre off the line, glue your eyes to the rev counter. Ideally, youll want to reduce that bounce and thats closely linked to increasing cadence, which well talk about next. Does a match fail at 100%, 30 seconds before jump time. And there should be a lot of attention paid. Conditioning, staff and wads of paper. Have also spoken with many well educated and well informed folks in the. Finding a response out of line with their type and the effort they have already expended. My aim is to eventually have between 20 and 30 systems to put into the portfolio – i started this research several months ago and here are four of those that i plan to use. By the end of the decade, the sport was banned in queensland and new south wales (although only exhibition events had been staged in nsw in the decades leading up to the ban), while tasmania ceased jumps racing due to it being economically not viable in 2007.

In contrast, if a trainer has a record of 0-30 in the last two weeks, it might be best to steer clear for a while. On wet tracks, the combination of wet track + recent form have produced 29 percent winners, closely followed on 28 percent by wet track as just a single slider (proves the value of wet track form) and wet track + recent form + trainer form. It goes by many names: the juice, the vig, the margin, the commission, the take, the percentage, the cut. Strike prices range from less than the current stock price to greater than the stock price. There are good trainers and there are very ordinary trainers. The club takes three weeks of july and the entire month of august as a break from racing – a concept very foreign to most jurisdictions – giving most players in the industry a shared break.

Instead, i just want to express a hearty thanks to roberto for what has been a terrific trial that has engaged readers of the site, and produced many worthwhile contributions. Lets face it, it is. For the past 30 years, i have been interested in the challenge of trying to select winners at a greater rate than the market as a whole can do. The stakes increase slower than with a fibonacci or doubling up sequence. Overall most gamers, when asked, prefer the overall quality of the asus rog swift pg279q while commenting that the stand is the one part that is superior. I made the switch to using the ratings 2 win database about 4. If you are new to betting then the higher strike rate racing would probably be more suitable. He suggests that even though she is lumping 60kgs, she is worth including and that she was all heart and tried her hardest every time she came racing.

But in a winning run, they increase. The perfect scenario would be somewhere in between the two but it is unlikely you will find one system that will have a reasonable strike rate with value bets. If there are no sf/f & d runners in best speed/wgt, then it has. The calculations are drawn from the epfs (early position figures) that are digitally inputted by our reporters on every horse in every race, 1 representing the front of a field and 5 at the back, with points in between. I wish i could take credit for this idea but, mike beat me to it. Selective approach with 1 or 2 best bets most nights. As predicted the strike rate continued to edge toward 33% and although the winning run stayed on 3, the losing run went up to 12.

Feedback is slimming so if you howl. The isofit upper adapts to your feet as you run. We chose to not set payments to automatically recur. One could do a lot worse than reading guides like this at regular intervals to jog the memory and to get back on track. Full terms and conditions apply. Place bet pro service results:. 20) is a winning pointer and could be the right type to land a maiden hurdle very quickly. Cup in 10 years and more, which makes him a serial loser. There are plenty of fly by night merchants looking for gullible customers.

The key i believe is the overlay based on the rated price i use which so far has proven to be successful but only when i start to place real bets is when i will know for sure. Such treatments are direction said ‘danger ahead’. I have yet to see two wind surgery data sources with the same numbers. There are 3 suggested staking plans, 2 of which are more aggressive and the third being very low risk. So we have a quinella plan here thats based on reliable ratings offering payouts based on their rated chances of success.

A horse doesn’t have to have won to register a tick on the postdata  table. Find out more about jakblak racing…. Check that out to see if you are betting with the best bookmaker for your horse racing bets. Maybe also that horses returning from a 60+ day layoff (and likely a more material intervention) are more likely to benefit from the w1. Today, most betting frameworks take after an equation made in the late nineteenth century. But hopefully we will start to build up a picture of the risk/reward profile long before the end. Impact of wind surgery by race class.

Jumps racing cannot be made safe. Imagine one system that has a 50% strike rate – let’s call it system a and another one that has a 10% strike rate – let’s call it system b. Race meetings can have races on both surfaces. Youve got a high end garmin up your sleeve, ground contact time is the. These high refresh rate panels help with both clarity and allowing a gamer to react faster to what is happening on screen.

Again it may have been beaten by a wide margin, it may have only just managed to finish off its races, it may have fallen on a few occasions etc. One that you can easily afford. So get ready for the ultimate rain of bullets while using the medi kit to refill the health regularly or you will die soon. Because lets face it, they seem to offer every other bet imaginable. Pro race consultants – does it work.

The only real way to make consistent and regular profits from horse racing is to combine some form of staking strategy with good quality selections. It is important to note that how a horse is trained may indicate if a horse is being conditioned for an upcoming race or going for the win now. The sales material for strike rate racing says that when you sign up to the service, you are receiving selections from a team of “experienced professionals”. monitoring your strike rate and awo is an ongoing process and it should become more accurate as your. He joined with complaints from the trainers and jockeys associations about racing australias consultations methods. Lastly, look at the bottom section of the output field (highlighted in green).

Crowned eagle 16-1 general 1pt each way. I haven’t seen a staking plan for strike rate racing which is a bit of a disappointment. We therefore have a bank bust which earns the revelation staking plan an automatic fail – at least, when it is combined with little acorns. There might be software out there that might help you partially in this, but you would still have to set it up after each loser for a new event. As most readers will know, my preference is for handicap sprints, but i wanted to look further than just sprints and hence i began by concentrating on 3yo+ / 4yo + all age handicaps (all weather races only). You can click here to order. Plus, the $$ usually is in those feature races.

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